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Chinese Android Car Stereos Enter Market In Response To Growing Demand

Due to the increasing popularity and market penetration of Android on phones and tablets, there is now a growing demand for the operating system to be part of the automotive in-car entertainment experience. Nowadays consumers expect so much more than just music. Android head units can be the core of a car’s sound system and can also be used for communication and navigation.
The latest high end automotive head units from China can combine all a car’s audio and visual entertainment as well as including navigation and communication functions, but unless you have a relatively new or expensive luxury car you are unlikely to find these functions as standard in most motor vehicles.”
Android 4.4 was released at the end of October 2013 and while it became available on the majority of phones and tablets rather quickly it has taken somewhat longer for the system to appear on car stereo devices.

With the integration of Android 4.4, 3G dongles for internet connections and greater Bluetooth connectivity, the latest car head units are able to offer a large range of features that are highly beneficial to most drivers
Chinavasion offers double DIN and single DIN car DVD players with universal fittings and also manufacturers specific models that include the latest features,allows most car users a cheap way to access the best in-car entertainment, navigation and communication without having to wait until they upgrade to a newer model car。
“Android car stereos can bring all the information a user needs through an intuitive interface while guiding the driver to their desired destination and the CAN bus standards that are met by our manufacturer specific models allows for easier interaction.”
Due to the advancements in technology and lower overheads, Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers like Chinavasion have seen an increased demand in this area. Ms. Li confirmed this and added, “Thanks to competitive pricing and no set MOQ, Chinavasion has recently seen a growing demand that has resulted in us expanding our range of products in this category. With great universal models and also new manufacture specific models for big car manufacturers like Volkswagen we now offer even more choice.”
It would appear that now many more consumers can enjoy state of the art in-car entertainment and navigation without having to buy a brand new car.

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